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Yes! Our Habitat ReStores not only help find new homes for some fantastic re-usable household and renovation items for people in our community, ReStore purchases and donations also directly support Habitat OGN's operations. So when you donate money to us, it goes directly toward building homes and a brighter future for low-income families.
Your donation enables Habitat OGN to build safe, decent and affordable homes, providing a hand up to working, low-income families. We keep the cost of building these homes low by using volunteer labour, wherever possible, and by seeking donated building materials. We also work with cities, companies and the province to secure affordable land, whenever possible.
Habitat homeowners build and pay for these homes. Habitat homeowners are identified based on need and ability to pay an affordable no-interest mortgage over a 20-year term, based on the full market value of the home. Families are also required to complete 500 volunteer hours, where they volunteer their time to help build homes and support the mission of Habitat for Humanity OGN.
Mortgage payment rates are assessed every year with families, with mortgage payments never exceeding 30% of their monthly income to ensure that they can afford food, transportation and other essentials. These mortgage payments go into a fund that helps us build more homes for other families.
Through this unique Habitat for Humanity affordable home ownership model, families are able to build enough equity in their home over time to qualify for a traditional mortgage with a major lender. Studies have also shown that the stability and security a Habitat home provides often translates into increases in the families’ incomes, enabling them to save for their children’s post-secondary education, take out a business loan or borrow from a traditional mortgage lender. Through our work, Habitat OGN is able to help these families break the cycle of poverty – both today and for future generations.
Absolutely. Donations are vital in trying to keep up with the critical – and increasing – need for affordable housing in the Ontario Gateway North region.
Although Habitat OGN is building more efficiently to accommodate even more families than ever, we need to keep building and that means we need your donations to do so. We use your donations, along with volunteer builders and donated materials to keep the cost of building homes low. But there are many costs associated with building homes such as, land purchase, taxes, permits, planning, and work like plumbing and electrical that must be performed by tradespeople, and a homebuilding project can take years to complete. Habitat families pay for their homes over a 20-year period, which means we will not realize the value of a home for twenty years. Your donations allow us to continue our work of building safe, decent and affordable homes that empower families to build strength, stability and a better life for themselves and their children.
The best part of giving to Habitat for Humanity OGN is knowing that when you donate a dollar, that dollar keeps on giving. It is invested into a home where mortgage payments will help pay for future homes. The more you donate, the more impact you can have on strengthening families and your community.
Yes, if you make a cash donation of a minimum of $20, you will receive a tax receipt.
If you donate items to our Habitat ReStore, depending on the assessed value of the item, you may receive a tax receipt for your donation.
If you make your donation online, you will receive your tax receipt via e-mail shortly after you make your donation. If you call or make your donation through the mail, depending on when we receive your donation and the time of year/postal system, it may take between two to three weeks to receive one through the mail. If you provide an email address, we will send you your tax receipt via e-mail, which reduces wait times.
If you donate items to our Habitat ReStore, depending on the assessed value of the item, you may receive a tax receipt for your donation.
Absolutely. We will send you a consolidated tax receipt for all your monthly donations in February (for the previous year’s donations).
The rules for tax receipting events are more complicated. If you’d like to hold a community fundraising event, please contact us at (705) 646-0106 x 211 and we can discuss this with you.
Because it takes time to assess the value of donated goods, the tax receipting for Habitat ReStore takes longer than tax receipting for monetary gifts.
If you have an inquiry about a ReStore tax receipt, you must contact ReStore directly. You will receive a tax receipt once your item has been assessed and processed.
Yes. You can either call us at (705) 646-0106 x 211, or mail your donation into us at:
Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North
117A-505 Muskoka Rd., 118W
Bracebridge, ON P1L 1T4
Making your donation online, however, is the fastest way to make a gift. Don’t worry – it’s completely safe and secure.
Your privacy is important to us. We do not trade or sell the names of our donors. Please review our privacy-policy for more details.
Of course. We’re happy to help you with any changes to your monthly donations. Just contact us at (705) 646-0106 x 211 or at
Habitat for Humanity Canada fundraises for all 50+ Habitat affiliates across Canada. You can direct your donation through Habitat Canada to Habitat for Humanity OGN by explicitly designating your donation (writing that you want to send it to us on a donation coupon or by selecting the option to donate to Habitat OGN online).
If you make your donation to Habitat for Humanity OGN through Habitat for Humanity Canada, you must contact them about your donation. If you donate directly to Habitat for Humanity OGN, we can help you with any donation-related issues.