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I am committed to keeping a clean, organized, well-maintained home and I know this is an important aspect of being a good neighbour.

I am willing to be an active participant in building a better home for my family and other families.

I am willing to support fundraising activities necessary to build a Habitat home.

I am willing to allow my family's story to be shared in order to raise awareness of the need for more safe, decent, and affordable housing.

I am willing and able to make affordable rent or mortgage payments.

I am willing and able to take on the responsibility of maintaining a home.

I am willing and able to be a good neighbour.

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I make all payments owing on time and I have a good credit history

I understand that the homes built by Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North are often constructed in part or in full by volunteers in the community.

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Thank you for your interest in a Habitat home. We will contact you within one week to advise you of the next steps.