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  1. Image of family of 4 outside of their house Image File

Image: Image of Sutton and Steel family

Meet the Sutton and Steel Family
"Security. Safety. Stability. Family unity.” This is what owning a Habitat home means to Shannon Sutton and her family...

Image: Image of Halsall family

Meet the Halsall Family
"Underhoused'' is a term used to define a community with insufficient dwellings to serve its population. It can also describe individuals and families whose housing situation is simply inadequate…

Image: Image of Anderson family

Meet the Anderson Family
Janet Anderson is still in shock. "It’s all so unreal. We’re going to be in a house!” When Janet announced to her family that she and her son, Devin had been selected as...

Image: Image of Copper family

Meet the Cooper Family
Stability. Security. Legacy. If you ask Aimee Cooper what owning her own home means to her, that’s what she’ll tell you. Aimee is the proud mom of three. Kacie, 22, is newly married..

Image: Image of Norrie family

Meet the Norrie Family
Dave and Patty Norrie have lived in Parry Sound for the past 28 years and thanks to Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North, next month they’ll be moving into the first-ever home of their own...

Image: Image of Rochefort and Cole family

Meet the Rochefort and Cole Family
Stephane Rochefort and Shalen Cole feel a powerful commitment to giving back to their community. Their shared interest in social welfare has driven their post-secondary education...

Image: Image of Tkaczyk family

Meet the Tkaczyk Family
"Living room dance parties.” When Zarah pictures life with her family in their new home, that’s what she sees. Zarah and her husband Matt are the devoted parents of Ariana...

Image: Image of McIntyre and Hesse family

Meet the McIntyre and Hesse Family
Myles wants to be a train conductor when he grows up. And he wants a blue bedroom. These are important considerations for a four-year-old. Myles’ parents, Meghan McIntyre and Connor Hesse can’t wait to make at least one of these dreams come true...
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