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eligibility questionnaire

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Please select the project which you are applying for:

Please note that we are not currently accepting applications for the following regions: Orillia & Lake Country District of Parry Sound District of Nipissing Sudbury District District of Cochrane

Applicant's Information

Do you expect a change in your Family size in the future? (eg. more children, children moving out, etc.)

I am a person who: (Please select all that apply)

The Co-applicant and/or another live-in family member is a person who: (Please select all that apply)

My current home is: (Please select one response)

If 'unsuitable', Please check all that apply:

Please select one response for the following statements:

I have never owned a home before

I am committed to keeping a clean, organized, well-maintained home and know this is an important aspect of being a good neighbour.

I am willing to be an active participant in building a better home for my family and other families.

I am willing to support fundraising activities necessary to build a Habitat home.

I am willing to allow my family's story to be shared in order to raise awareness of the need for more safe, decent, and affordable housing.

I am willing and able to make affordable rent or mortgage payments.

I am willing and able to take on the responsibility of maintaining a home.

I am willing and able to be a good neighbour.

All applicants make all payments owing on time and have good credit history

All applicants have never declared bankruptcy

One of the applicants has declared bankruptcy in the past and the bankruptcy has been discharged

One of the applicants has declared bankruptcy in the past and the bankruptcy is active or hasn't been discharged.

I understand that the homes built by Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North are often constructed in part or in full by volunteers in the community.

I have never been charged with a criminal offense.

Is There Anything Else That You Would Like Us To Know?

Thank you for your interest in being considered for a Habitat home. Please ensure all the information you entered is accurate and complete. We'll be reviewing your responses to determine eligibility for one of our affordable housing options.

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