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about us

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by mobilizing communities, we build homes to provide working, lower income families with a solid foundation for better, healthier lives
at habitat for humanity, we believe everyone deserves a safe, decent, and affordable place to call home.
how it all works
Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North (OGN) is one of 1,400 affiliates worldwide working to build safe, decent, and affordable homes for families. Every year, we partner with communities to help working, lower income families in our territory achieve strength, stability, and independence through affordable home ownership.

Image: infographic of how the process works. From the left, volunteers and donors thinking of how to volunteer and donate time and money. In the middle, a habitat family standing in front of their home . Far right is an image of the habitat ReStore

We provide a unique "Habitat for Humanity mortgageā€ that makes home ownership affordable for lower income families. Homes are sold to families at fair market value with no down payment and no interest. Families provide 500 volunteer hours helping build their home and the homes of others. Mortgage payments are calculated annually, so that shelter costs are never more than 25% of household income. As soon as a family starts to pay off their mortgage, we put those dollars to work helping us build the next home for the next family.

Image: Image of little girl hugging her father outside of their house

why our work matters
Living in substandard housing hurts families and communities.
We know that the most important way for families to gain stability and self-reliance is for them to own their own homes. Every day, more and more families find themselves in a struggle to keep a decent roof over their heads. Caught in punishing cycles of unpredictable rent increases, overcrowded conditions, or living in unsafe neighbourhoods, these families live with a constant burden of uncertainty, stress and fear.
Habitat for Humanity OGN knows that affordable home ownership plays a critical role in helping families to create a new cycle, one filled with possibilities and progress. Affordable home ownership frees families and fosters the skills and confidence they need to invest in themselves and their communities. The outcomes can be long-lasting and life-changing.
With a little help, Habitat home owners are able to achieve the strength, stability and self-reliance they need to build better lives for themselves and their children. Families are empowered to overcome the barriers that so often stand between them and better, healthier, more financially stable lives.
creating a ripple effect
As overwhelming as these challenges seem, Habitat for Humanity offers an important piece of the puzzle. We provide a hand up to working, lower income families to help them realize their full potential, transforming the lives of parents and children.
Each time we build a Habitat home, there is a ripple effect.
  • The rental unit previously occupied by the Habitat family becomes available for another family.
  • Families realize financial independence, avoiding the trap of second generational poverty.
  • Mortgage payments, increased income taxes and property taxes paid by these families help build stronger communities across our region.

Image: Image of family of 4 smiling after receiving the keys to their new house.

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